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Ant Removal Companies Rockville Maryland

January 16, 2014
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Are you looking for ant removal companies in Rockville? We have you covered. Womack Pest Control has trained professional exterminators for ants in Rockville, Maryland.

An ant exterminator in Rockville, Maryland, should be familiar with the types of ants most prevalent in this region. Some of the most common ants in the Mid-Atlantic region are carpenter ants, Pavement ants and Odorus House ants.

Carpenter Ants

Ant removal companies in Rockville are familiar with the habits of carpenter ants, and how to locate them in your home. These ants are usually found in hollow or decaying wood. They like moist wood where they chew tunnels as they establish their colonies. It is important to get rid of these ants promptly as they can significantly damage the structure of your home over time.

Pavement Ants

An ant exterminator in Rockville, Maryland, is also very familiar with Pavement ants, which, unlike Carpenter ants, do not usually cause damage to your home. They are small black ants that are found in sidewalk joints or under rocks or stones. Occasionally, these ants adventure into homes. An ant exterminator in Rockville, Maryland, can eliminate these ants from inside and outside of your home.

Odorus Ants

Odorus ants are named as such because they produce a smell akin to rotten coconut when smashed. These ants are also not damaging to structure, but when they cannot find food outside, they venture indoors for food. They eat meat, sugary foods, vegetables, and dairy products. Their colonies are usually found in walls or beneath floors.

Womack technicians are experienced exterminators for ants in Rockville. Our technicians know how to remove the ants listed above as well as many other types of ants.

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Womack Pest Control has been in the pest control business since 1943. We are a member of the National Pest Management Association. In addition to being one of the best ant removal companies in Rockville, we perform all other aspects of pest control.

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