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January 17, 2014
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There has been a lot in the news lately about Lyme disease and as a result, you may be interested in deer tick exterminators in Montgomery County. These pests can make life miserable for humans and pets alike, but deer tick exterminators in Bethesda can eradicate them from your lawn and back yard, giving you peace of mind. When you call Womack Pest Control, which is one of the of the deer tick exterminators in Chevy Chase that has been in local area since 1943, you can rest assured you won’t have to worry about these potentially dangerous pests any longer.

Deer Tick Exterminators Montgomery County

There are many benefits to using pest control services from Womack Pest Control, including their extensive knowledge of pests and rodents specific to the areas. Other benefits include:

  • Highly-trained and knowledgeable pest control technicians.
  • Same day emergency service.
  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Great specials for first-time customers.

Because there are many deer tick exterminators in Bethesda, you want to be sure you choose a company that is competitively priced and can effectively handle your pest problem. Womack Pest Control offers their first-time customers terrific specials, including:

  • $25 off initial treatment.
  • $25 off initial termite treatment.
  • $35 off pest management service agreement.
  • Other specials that may pertain to your required services.

Deer Ticks, Termites, Rodents and Other Pests

Deer tick exterminators in Chevy Chase and the surrounding areas know how quickly a pest can become an infestation. With the effective treatment options at Womack Pest Control, though, your family doesn’t have to live with these pests any longer. From the initial treatment to each scheduled maintenance treatment, your home and yard will be from the insects, rodents and other pests that cause problems. Deer tick exterminators in Bethesda are ready to help.

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Instead of calling around for deer tick exterminators in Montgomery County, call Womack Pest Control at (301) 881-5181. You’ll find the best of the deer tick exterminators in Chevy Chase with this one call!