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Pest Control Bethesda

January 17, 2014
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Pest control in Bethesda can involve a variety of different types of pests, ranging from ants, mosquitoes, termites, flies, silverfish, bed bugs, deer ticks, stinkbugs, roaches, fleas, moths, rats and mice.

At Womack Pest Control, our trained technicians can handle any kind of pest that you might have. With over 60 years in the pest control business, if we haven’t seen it, we can still provide a solution for you. We specialize in pests that are common in this area.

Bethesda Mosquitoes Control

In Bethesda, mosquitoes control may involve different tactics. Mosquitoes cannot always be completely eliminated because they breed in water and may come from neighboring yards and ponds. Nevertheless, there are still many things that can be done to prevent and control mosquitoes on your property.

Womack Pest Control specialists can develop a plan for successful mosquito control specific to your situation.

Bethesda Rodents Control

Bethesda Rodents Control may include rats, mice, moles or voles. Rats are some of the most common rodents. If you hear scratching in your walls or coming from your attic, it is most likely an infestation of rats. Rats, and even mice, can be damaging to property as they can chew through wiring and sometimes even wood. They also leave droppings, which make for a very unsanitary environment in your home or business.

Womack’s inspection and pest control in Bethesda can ensure you that your home is free from rodents both inside and outside of your home. Once an inspection has been performed, the technician will develop a solid plan for guaranteed removal of the pests.

Womack Pest Control in Bethesda Discounts

In addition to Bethesda mosquitos control and Bethesda rodents control, Womack takes pride in being able to free your home from any pests you are dealing with. We provide a free inspection, same-day emergency service, and the following discounts:

  • $25 off initial pest treatment
  • $35 off initial termite treatment
  • $35 off pest management service agreement

Contact Womack Pest Control today for your free inspection. Just call us at (301) 881-5181. Our technicians are ready to give you peace of mind knowing that your dwelling is pest free, and can provide future maintenance to ensure it remains that way.